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Vote on what creators do and watch them do it.
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☀️Sunny Claire
We give pick our daughter’s name 🐣
102,558 votes
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Should I quit my job and move to Paris to find 💗?
44,173 votes
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Getting my first sports car... YOU CHOOSE IT. I BUY IT!
23,425 votes


Send creators custom bids and see if they choose yours.
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Need ideas on how to breakup w/ my cheating bf
$3,812 in bids
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Jenna B⚡️
I want a new tat! Tell me where to put it👀
$4,261 in bids
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😱What should I spend my $250K on???
$12,482 in bids


  • What is NewNew?
    NewNew is an interactive marketplace where you bid and vote on the outcomes of people’s lives. People make money letting others have a say in their life decisions.
  • Can I make money on NewNew?
    Yes! Sign up to become a creator and have people pay to vote and bid on your life decisions!
  • How do Bids work?
    The audience sends you different bids on what you should do, and how much they’ll pay to see you do it. You’ll choose your favorite bid and upload a video of yourself doing it! Don’t worry... you don’t have to choose the highest priced bid (but you can if you want to)! You can choose any bid you feel comfortable doing.
  • How do Superpolls work?
    Post a video poll with different options for the audience to choose from. People pay to vote on their favorite option and you upload a video of yourself doing the option that got the most votes!
  • What are Superpoll Bundles?
    Creators can offer discounted bundles for their Superpolls. Buying a bundle is optional, but with buying a bundle you get:
    A big discount on votes + more voting power to use in upcoming Superpolls
    The ability to add your own custom option to the creator’s Superpolls
    1-on-1 messages with the creator
  • Can brands use NewNew?
    Yes! Brands are creators too. NewNew is a great place to engage with your customers on a hyper-interactive level. Your customers can help make major decisions for your brand and feel included and heard in the process of your next big product, launch etc. Besides, there’s no one better to get feedback than from those who are invested in your brand.
  • What if the creator doesn’t do what was voted on or bid on?
    You won’t be charged if:
    The creator never uploads a response video to a Superpoll or Bid
    The creator doesn’t choose your specific Bid
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